Yaniv Ori


Nissan Nativ acting studio graduate of 2006
(achievement scholarship in 1994)
Winner of the 2006 acting schools festival “most promising actor” award
Ruth Deiches acting workshop graduate
Ivana Chubbuk acting workshop graduate
Member of the Israeli “actors studio” led by Oded Kotler and Amnon meskin


“pick-up” (soap, directed by Ofer Weizman),
“Hanefilim” (children, directed by Rubi Duanis),
“Polishuk” (Comedy, directed by Shmuel Hasfari),
“Life isn’t everything” (sitcom, directed by Adi Binyaminof)
“Split” (Youth, directed by Oded Lotan)
“Everybody loves Raymond” (sitcom, directed by Gaia Lapin)


“On the third day” (a feature directed by Moshe Ivgy)
“Snails in the rain” (a feature directed by Yariv Mozer)
“I’m a robot” (a feature directed by Tal Goldberg and Gal Zelezniak)
“Love is real” (a German-Israeli feature directed by Julia Fon-Heinz)


Member of the “Gesher” theatre ensemble since 2006
Participated in:
“The first son” by Vampilov (directed by Lena Kreidlina)
Fables by La-Fontaine (directed by Yevgeni Arie)
“the twelfth night” by W. Shakespeare (Directed by Rafi niv)
“Tartufe” by Moliere (directed by Yevgeny Arie)
“Norway.today” by I. Baurisima (directed by Yevgeny Arie)
“Harper Reagan” by Simon Stevens (directed by Oded Kotler)
“6 characters in search of an author” by L. Pirandelo (directed by Yevgeny Arie)
“Revisor” by Gogol (directed by Yevgeni Arie)
“Don Juan” by Moliere (directed by Alexander Morphov)
“Harvey” by Mary Chase (Directed by Moshe Ivgy)
“Prima Dona” (directed by Alexander Morphov)
Winner of the 2010 “Best actor” award from Gesher theatre.





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