Perry Kafri, Talent Agency and Management LTD was established in 1979 and since then it is the leading artists’ agency in its field, with a wide range of artists who have the biggest influence in the Israeli cultural industry in the fields of film, television, theater and the worlds of advertising.

The beating heart of the agency is to be first and foremost a warm, enveloping and caring home, to be a kind ear to the her talents. Starting from identifying new talents and professional and personal guidance, with the provision of advice and correct guidance throughout their journey.

The agency provides negotiation management services and ongoing care in all their professional, contractual and financial matters, with special emphasis and attention to the personal dialogue between the agent and the represented while maintaining creativity and personal expression, while working in collaboration with local and global industry.

Peri Kafri Representation and management of artists is proud of its experience and long-standing relationship with directors, producers, broadcasters, theaters and more, in business relationships in Israel and around the world, in its joint contribution to the field of culture in Israel.


Head of the agency.

Married and mother of 3 daughters.

Holds a B.A in politics and government.

After years of working in the industry of culture, arts, and television productions, in 2007 I joined the agency. I had the great privilege to work beside the late beloved Perry for many years.

While working at the agency I learned the world of talent management and actors guidance and combined my business skills along with the ability to identify and discover talents.

For me, the ability to nurture both new and veteran actors, with dedication and concern is the most importent part of my work and I see that as my main focus, while constantly thinking about creativity and influencing the world of content and productions.

I continue Perry’s legacy and professional path, maintaining the agency’s warm and close relationship to our talents and to keep the violating connections between promising directors and aspiring actors. with constant thinking about the future and leading the agency to new and professional peaks in the culture industry in Israel and around the world.


The late Perry Kafri, was born in Meknes, Morocco and immigrated to Israel with her family when she was one year old.

Perry has always been attracted to the worlds of art and culture, and in the 70’s she began working in the film industry.

In 1979 she founded the Perry Kafri, Talent Agency and Management LTD, which emphasizes on forging connections between promising directors and aspiring actors along with personal and inclusive management of its beloved actors.

Her ability to read and understand screenplays helped her develop extraordinary relationships with directors.

The way she saw casting, for the ability to connect the actor with the right role, her enthusiasm and the real desire to help projects in which she believed in come to life, was a big part of her satisfaction from her life’s work.

Perry loved to discover young talent, throughout her career she continued to discover new and untapped film and theater students, connecting all the many talents she had carefully collected and surrounded herself with over the years.

She has nurtured and accompanied the incredible careers of actors and actresses, from the beginning of their careers right until her last day.

All this with total devotion, immense love, professionalism and integrity.

Her love for actors, art and the respect she acquired for her profession served as a compass for generations of actors and directors.

She was married to the actor Ezra Kafri, and a dear mother to Iva Kafri (a Rappaport Award-winning plastic artist)

Perry passed away in August 2019.

Her great contribution to the world of Israeli culture and cinema, her presence, love and inspiration will remain with us forever.

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