Tobi Yonit



“Graduated with honors the Academy of Performing Arts, “Beit Zvi

won an unprecedented amount of scholarships and awards, some of which are The David Marser scholarship (2004 and 2007), Amos Gutman, Edah Ben-Nachum, Sano, The American-Israeli Sharet Fund (2005/6 and 2006/7), Bilhaa Davis, Ministry of Education and Culture Scholarship, and the Zvi Claire award for excellence.

performances in “Beit Zvi” and the “Hasifriya” theater : “hasia the orphen”(Hasia) , “blood brothers” (Linda) , “hair” (Jeanie) , “anne of green gables” (Anne Shirley) , “the house of bernarda alba” (Adela) , “piaf” (Piaf).






2010 – Won the Israel Theater Academy Award, Best Lead Actress of the year

“The girl from the village” Gordin Hasia Captain Moses Nominated for Israel Theater Academy Award, Most Promising Actress of the year.

“Comedy of Errors” William Shakespeare Luciana Nathan Dattner

“Seagull” Anton Chekhov Nina Nathan Dattner

“The Count of Monte Cristo” Alexandre Dumas Valentin Ido Riklin The play received 4 theater awards

“Piaf” Pam James Edith Piaf Eli Biz’awi Winner of Israel Theater Academy Award, Best Lead Actress of the year. 2010

“All about Eve” Mary Orr Eve Harrington Aya Kaplan

“Galileo” Bertolt Brecht Virginia Ido Riklin

“Was or was not” Edna Mazya Daughter of Alexander Penn Omri Nitzan


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