Tavoch Shahar


• Blich Highschool.
• Graduated from The center of Jazz studies, the Israeli Conservatory of
Music in Tel Aviv.


2020 Who’s the Boss around here? (pre-production) – created by
Roei Segev and Yigal Shapira for the Israeli Educational Television.
• 2020 The Moon Years (pre-production) – created by Aviv Geffen for
• 2020 Sky created by Giora Chamizer for Teennick channel
• 2019 Vally of Tears – created by Ron Leshem and Yaron Zilberman
for Kan 11.
• 2019 Run – created by Tal Goldberg and Ilan Rosenfeld for Hot.
• 2019 Family IPO (free translation)- created by Shani Melamed Nitzan
for Hot and Kidz Channel
• 2018-2019 Our Tresure – created by Micky Yosef for the Israeli
Educational Television
• 2015 The Holiday Pannel – as one of the show’s hosts. A children’s
host show created for The Children’s Network.
• 2014 Gadget Team – as one of the show’s hosts. Created for Channel
• 2013-2014 Click – The main host in a children’s sketch comedy that
was created for he Children’s Network by Roei Shalem.
• 2013 Kidding!! (Season 2) – A prank show for children. Created by
Igal Shilon for The Children’s Network.
• 2011 Ronnie and Cashew– Created by Liat Savyon for Hot and


2017 Herzl’s Susita by Dudu Krainer


2013 -2014 “Mirele Efros” Directed by Hanan Snir
, Habima National Theater
• 2018 –2019 “Follow Your Heart” Created by Shuli Rand. Directed by
Yotam Kushnir


Hebrew – First language
English – Fluent
Chinese – Fluent
Spanish – Intermediate
Arabic – Intermediate




• 2019 Fuller House, Netflix, The role of Jessy.

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