Strauss Zohar


Bachelor’s Degree in Law
LLB Law: University of Leicester
England, United Kingdom

1999 – 2001
Yoram Levinstein Acting Studio
Tel-Aviv, Israel

2017 – Today
Founder and Owner of Amanda: Presentation Communication and Impact Skills Development | Lectures and Workshops.


.2001 – Banana Valley
Production: HaTikva

2003 – All for the Better
Production: Shva Band

2004 – A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Production: International Olive Festival, Valencia Spain
2005 – Made in Israel
Productions: Shva Band

2017 – The Opener | Ktse HaPotchan
Production: Goodman Theater and Acting School


.2002 – Far from The Truth
Role: Omer
Director: Goren Amgon
Company: Beit Lessin Theater Company

2002 – Lama Nishbar LeParpar
Role: The Butterfly
Director: Guy Gutman
Company: Beit Lessin Theater Company

2002 – The Moon Connection (Kesher HaYareach)
Role: Romeo
Director: Zeev Kalati
Company: Herzliah Theater Company

2003 – The Shape of Things
Role: Phillip
Director: Nir Erez
Company: HaBima National Theater
2004 – The Comedians
Role: Eddie
Director: Ilan Ronen
Company: HaBima National Theater

2005 – Money Time (Zman Emet)
Role: Gil
Director: Nola Chelton
Company: HaBima National Theater

2006 – Tape
Role: Vincent
Director: Nir Erez
Company: HaBima National Theater

2009 – Dancing With My Father
Role: The Son
Director: Moshe Captain
Company: Mediatek Theater

2010 – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Lead Role: Randle McMurphy
Director: Kfir Azoulay
Company: Be’er Sheba Theatre Company

2010 – Home Home
Role: Cuba Lifschitz
Director: Noya Lantsat
Company: Be’er Sheba Theater Company

2011 – An Enemy of the People | Cheater
Role: Eckstein
Director: Nir Erez
Company: Be’er Sheba Theater Company

2011 – All My Sons
Role: Chris Keller
Director: Moshe Naor
Company: The Cameri Theater Company

2012 – The Doll’s House / Nora
Role: Nils Krogstad
Director: Kfir Azoulay
Company: Be’er Sheba Theater Company

2014 – Snow & Forest
Role: The Son
Director: Maor Zagury
Company: Dimona Theater Company

2016 – Angina Pectoris
Role: Gal Shachnik
Director: Zion Ashkenazi
Company: Tzavta

2017 – Duel
Role: Mr. Berg
Director: Shir Goldman
Company: Be’er Sheba Theater Company

2024- Aviva My Love
Role: Ariye Levi
Director: Moshe Captain
Company: Be’er Sheba Theater Company, HaBima National Theater


2001 – Clean Sweep | Mars Turkey
Role: Rudy
Producer: Eitan Evan
Director: Oded Davidoff

2006 – Someone to Run With
Role: Pizzeria Guy
Director: Oded Davidoff
Company: B&K Film Productions, B&K Productions & JCS Productions
2006 – Things Behind the Sun
Lead Role: Amit
Director: Yuval Shafferman
Company: Israeli Film Fund & Paralight LTD

2007 – Beaufort
Supporting Role: Rossman
Director: Joseph Cedar
Company: United King Films, Movie Plus, Cinema Projects & Keshet Broadcasting

2007 – Jellyfish
Supporting Role: Father (Flashbacks)
Directors: Shira Geffen & Etgar Keret
Company: Lama Films, Arte France Cinema, Canal+, Israeli Film Fund, Keshet Broadcasting, Les Films du Poisson & TPS

2008 – Growing Pains
Lead Role: Yoav
Director: Dana Blankstein
Company: Sam Spiegel Film & Television School

2008 – The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall
Lead Role: Major Biton
Director: Rowan Joffe
Company: BBC

2009 – Eyes Wide Open
Lead Role: Aaron Fleischman
Director: Haim Tabakman
Company: Pimpa Film Productions, Riva Filmproduktion, Das Klein Fernsehspiel, YES, Keshet Broadcasting, ARTE & more…

2009 – Lebanon – winner of the Golden Lion at the 66th Venice International Film Festival
Lead Role: Gamil
Director: Samuel Maoz
Company: ARTE, Ariel Films, Arsam International & more…

2009 – The Assassin Next Door
Supporting Role: Eli
Director: Dany Lerner
Company: Bleiberg Entertainment, DPI, Douek Productions, July August Productions, Keshet Broadcasting & United king

2010 – Miral
Role: Arresting Officer
Director: Julian Schnabel
Company: The Weinstein Company, Pathe, Eran Riklis Productions, Eagle Pictures, India Take One Productions, Grandview Pictures, Canal+ & CineCinema

2012 – Urban Tale
Supporting Role: Niv
Director: Eliav Lilti
Company: Rabinovich Film Fund Cinema Project

2014 – Magic Men
Lead Role: Yehuda Kofinas
Directors: Guy Nattiv & Erez Tadmor
Company: Comeback Films

2015 – A Grain of Truth | Ziarno prawdy
Supporting Role: Rabbi Zygmunt
Director: Borys Lankosz
Company: Studio Rewers, Telewizyjna Agencja Produkcji Teatralnej i Filmowej, Agora, Arttech Cinema, Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny, Aeroplan Studios & Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej

2015 – Atomic Falafel
Lead Role: Citizen K
Director: Dror Shaul
Company: United Channel Movies, General Film Corporation, Arden Films, ARTE, Dash Ham & more…

2016 – Alouette
Supporting Role: Dr. Tasker
Director: Shai Itzhar
Company: Shezi Pro

2017 – The Cakemaker
Lead Role: Moti
Director: Ofir Raul Graizer
Company: Laila Films & Film Base Berlin
2018 – Mary Magdalene
Supporting Role: John
Director: Garth Davis
Company: See-Saw Films, Porchlight Films, Universal Pictures International Productions, Film4, A Film Location Company & Lotus Productions

2018 – It’s Mine
Lead Role: Rony
Director: Amit Hay ben Shlomo
Company: Sapir Academic Campus School of Film and Television

2018 – Flood
Lead Role: Frank
Director: Oshri Zeituni
Company: Or Elsaesser

2019 – All In
Lead Role: Oren Clears
Director: Yonathan Bar-Ilan
Company: United King Films & LightStream Israel

2019 – Jarhead – Law of Return
Role: Lt. Col. Azulay
Director: Don Michael Paul
Company: Universal 1440 Entertainment & BUFO

2019 – Otherwise
Role: Yosi
Director: Omer Shamir

2019 – Dina Malul Fights Back
Supporting Role: Amit
Directors: Amit Saragosi & Adar Shafran
Company: Firma Films

2021 – A Drop of Imagination
Lead Role: Neri
Director: Shirel Ankri
2024 – Soda (postproduction)
Lead Role: Asher
Director: Erez Tadmor
Company: Kamback Production


2003 – Wings
Role: Yuval
Creator: Shmuel Imberman
Company: Dror Cavallero

2005 – The Backyard
Role: Pinhas
Creator: Avi Choen
Company: Dori Media

2005 – Dog’s life | Hayey Kelev
Lead Role: Wachs
Creators: Liora Kaminetzky
Broadcasting: HOT

2006 – Ima’lle
Lead Role: Yuvi
Creators: Ram Nehari
Broadcasting: Keshet Broadcasting

2007 – Ha-Makom
Lead Role: Mano Kedmi
Creators: Avi Cohen & Shlomo Moshiah
Company: JCS Productions

2008 – Ha-Ex Ha-Mitologi
Role: Ron Piritz
Creators: Sigal Avin

2008 – Srugim
Lead Role: Dr. Avri Sagiv
Creators: Eliezer “Laizy” Shapira & Hava Divon
Company: Abot – Barkai – Talisma Productions

2008 – Lost and Found
Role: Gili
Creators: Savi Gabizon & Dana Modan
Broadcasting: Reshet TV

2008 – Ulai Hapa’am
Role: Ohad
Creators: Ofer Weitzman
Company: Herzeliya Studios

2010 – Deos
Role: Arnon Shalom
Creators: Dany Waserman
Company: Movie Plus

2010 – Dancing With The Stars

2011 – Downtown Precinct | 100
Lead Role: Asaryian Babayof
Creator: Amir Mann
Company: Artza Productions

2012 – Tel-Avivyot
Lead Role
Channel: Channel 10

2013 – Shtisel
Lead Role: Lipa Weiss
Creators: Ori Elon & Yehonatan Indursky
Company: Abot Hameiri Barkai Productions

2014 – Polishuk

Role: Assi
Creator: Shmuel Hasfari
Company: Herzeliya Studios

2014 – Common Girls
Role: Mike
Creator: Naor Zion
Company: Transfax Film Production

2015 – Zaguri Imperia
Role: Dino
Creator: Maor Zagury
Company: Herzeliya Studios

2017 – The New Black
Role: Ehud Stern
Creators: Eliran Malka & Daniel Paran
Broadcasting: HOT

2018 – Eilat
Role: Neri
Creators: David Dahan & Ido Dror
Company: Dori Darset Media Faran

2018 – PAMTA
Lead Role: Eliyahu Morduch
Creators: Noa Ben-Artzi & Ester Namdar
Company: Kan Israel Broadcasting & Teddy Productions

2019 – The Big Special Thing
Lead Role: Magen Cohen
Creators: Shmuel Haimovich
Company: Kan Israel Broadcasting & Talisma Productions

2020 – Survior VIP Season 3

2020 – HaBe’er
Lead Role: Yair

Creators: Yonatan Bar-Ilan
Company: Kan

2022 – Survior VIP Season 4

2023 – President’s house
Lead Role: Rozenfeld
Creators: Avraham Shalom Levy, Tamar Marom
Company: Yes

2024 – Love Sick
Lead Role: Amir Levi
Creators: Tal Granite, Sharon Maymon, Rona Tamir
Broadcasting: Keshet Broadcasting


IDF Trained Shooter
IDF Combat Training
Stage Fighting / Stunt work
Athletics: Master Team Swimmer
Class M1 Driver’s License: Motor Bike/Motorcycle

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