Segal Yuval


Yoram Leowenstein 3 years degree in theater and acting.



Fauda | Dir Asaf Bernstain 2015-2023

Bat El HaBetula -2019 
Nehama - Created by Reshef Levi and Tomer Shani - 2019
Metim LeRega - 2014
Ha-Chaim Ze Lo Ha-Kol - Created by Daniel Lappin - 2001-2011
Parashat HaShavua - Created by Anat Asulin and Rani Blair - 2006
Ktzarim - 2004

Kachol Amok | Directed by Amitan Manelzon and Michael Sharfstein - 1997

Taxi Driver -Created by Yuval Segal

Intensive Care — a drama series directed by roni k shefer

The Institution a drama series directed by ori baransh

Tironut – a drama series directed by ori baranash

Zman Avir a drama directed by zepel yesoron

Television Presentation:

The Good Life – a weekly magazine

Queen Of Hart tv game show





Holiday - Directed by Isabella Eklöf - 2018
Hadrei HaBait - Directed by Eitan Green- 2016
Efes beyahasei enosh - Directed by Talia Lavi - 2014
Hakol Mat'hil Bayam - Directed by Eitan Green - 2008
Ein La Elohim - Directed by Jacob Goldwasser - 2007

LIRKOD – Directed by Marek Rozenbaum – 2006

Hayta Li Yaldut Meusheret - Directed by Ori Sivan - 2004

A Gift From Heaven — a movie directed by Dover Koshashvili  -2003


“Zora Lahava” – “Habima” theater
“Zogiout” “Habima Theater”
“December” — “Bet Lesin Theater”

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