R.I.P Elkabetz Ronit

November 27 1964 – April 19 2016


2002- “Franko and Spector”,TV drama series by Amalia Margolin and Josef Pichadza
2006-2007- “Parashat Ha Shavua” TV drama series by Ari Folman and Rani Blayer.


1991– “The Appointed”, by Danny Vaxman [CANNES 1991]
1993 — “Eddi King”, by Gidi Dar [LOKAENO film festival 1993]
1995 — “Sh’chur”, by Samuel Hasfari [BERLIN 1994]
1995 — “Scar”, by Haim Buzaglo
2000 — “Origin Controller”, by Hamed and Zakia Buchaala
2001 — “Late Marriage”, by Dover Kozashvilli [CANNES 2001]
2000 — “Alila”, by Amos Gitai [VENIS 2003]
2004 — “Or” by Keren Yedaya. [Camera d’or CANNES 2004]
2005 — ” To take a Wife”, by Ronit Elkabetz and Shlomi Elkabetz [VENICE film festival 2004]
2007 — “The Band Visit” by Eran Colirin [CANNES 2007]
2007 — “Zion”- film of director and plastic artists Joseph Dadoune.
2008 — “Zion and his brother” by Eran Merav. — [did not realest yet]
2008 — “The Seven Days” [SHIVA], by Ronit Elkabetz and Shlomi Elkabetz. [Opening of Semaine de la Critique CANNES 2008]
2009 — “La fille du RER” by Andre Thechine
2009 — “Jaffa” Keren Yedaya. — [CANNES 2009]
2009 — “Zion and his Brother” by Eran Merav.
2009 — “SENDRE ET SANG” (“Ashes and Blood”) by Fanny ARDANT [CANNES film festival
2010 — “TETE DE TURC” (“Turkish Head”) by Pascal ALBE

2011 — ‘LES MAINS LIBRE” (Hands Free”) by Brigitte SY
2011 – “Mabul” by Guy Nativ
2011—”INVISIBLE” by Michal Aviad

2014 -“Gett – The trial of Vivian Amsalem” – lead role as Vivian, directors: Ronit Elkabetz and Shlomi Elkabetz

The film was participating at the “Quinzaine directors” fortnight at Cannes Film Festival 2014

The film was nominated for the best foreign film in the Golden Globe Awards 2015


Participate in lead roles in Israel and France.
2007 2008 – HABIMA, the national theatre – “Perorim” by Ravid Devara.
On this role was nominated for best actress in theatre 2007.

2010- ITHAQUE – leading role as Penelope, Director Jean-Louis Martinelli. In Theater Nanterre-Amandiers which is one of the most important repertoire theaters in France.


Hebrew, French, English, Arabic


1994 — Israeli Oscar for best actress, in “Sh’chur”
2001– Israeli Oscar for best actress, in “Late Marriage”
2002– Best Actress award in the Helsinki international Film Festival in the movie “late marriage”
2002 – Best Actress award in Buenos Aires international film festival in the movie “late marriage”
2003 – American critic’s journalist award for best actress for her role in the movie “late marriage”.
2004 ––Best actress In Jerusalem Film Festival for her roles in “To Take a Wife” & “Or”
2004- Venice international film festival – the film “To take A wife” which was directed with her
Brother Shlomi Elkabetz received the special jury award and the audience award in the
Official “critic’s week” selection.
2005 – Best Actress award in Moons Sweden international film festival for “To Take a Wife”.
2005- Citation for her role in “Or” in Valencia –Spain international film festival.
2007 – Israeli Oscar for the best actress in “The Band visit”.
2007 – Wolgin award –Best actress In Jerusalem Film Festival for her roles in “The Band visit”
2008 — Wolgin award – Best Film In Jerusalem Film Festival for “ The Seven Days” [SHIVA] her secend film directed with her brother Shlomi Elkabetz

2009 — Best Actress award in Fich Festival, Albufeira, Portugal, for her role in “The Band visit”
2009- Critics award for “Seven days” – Haifa film festival.
2010 – France Culture Cinema award in Cannes International Film Festival. Ronit Elkabetz is he first Israeli actress and director to receive this award.
2010 – Was nominated for Ophir Awards (Israeli Oscars) for best actress for her role in Mabul.
2010- Received special award in Haifa International Film Festival for her contribution to the Israeli Cinema through the years.

2011 – Haim Zafrani Award for artistic achievement
2011 – Award for special acheivement, givven to cast of the film “Mabul”, Thessaloniki International Film Festival
2011 – Landau Prize from Mifal Ha’Pais for Best Actress in Film and Television
2014 – Chevalier of the Honor Legion of France. Given by The Frech Ambassador in Israel, M. Patrick Maisonnave on behalf of the French President.

2014- winner of Ophir award for the best feature film for “Gett – the trial of Vivian Amsallem”. A film directed by Ronit Elkabetz and Shlomi Elkabetz

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