Orel Gilad


2020-2023 three-year studies at "Beit Zvi".
Orit Azolai's acting course in front of a camera.
Winner of the "Snow" competition.


2017 – participation in “Next Star 5”.
2021 – Guest role in the series “Sky” by Giora Hamitzer.


2022 – Actress in the play “Life in a movie” at the library theater.
2023 – (within Beit Zvi)
“Hope” in the role of Mickey.
“1972: Sex in the World of Tomorrow” as Tessa.
“Cinderella” as the stepmother.
“The melody always comes up” in the role of the mother.
“Real estate” in the role of Jordana.
“The water remembers” in the role of Mary.
“Mary Jane” in the roles of Brian and Haya.

2023 – ‘Koros’ actress in the musical “Waitress” at the Chamber Theater.


2022 – Release of debut single “Jonah”.
2022 – Performances at the Israeli Embassy in London.
2023 – Singer in the semifinals of the State Cup in women’s basketball.
2023 – backing singer for Enrico Macias.

Hebrew mother tongue
Good English
Spanish, Persian – very basic

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