Noy Menashe


1983, 1984 Studies in Architecture, Technioin Haifa
1985-1989 Film and TV Studies, Tel-Aviv University


Morderischer Besuch – Jorgo Papavssiliou

Adamama-Director Rani blair. Starring Yael abecassis, Lior Ashkenazi

Taxi Driver – Leading – comedy – Eitan Anner
Land (Adama)- Leading- drama- Rani Blair
Papadizi- Leading- comedy- Uri Sasson
The section of the week Leading- drama- Rani Blaier
Kitbag- Leading- Comedy- Ari Folman
The Quintet- Leading- 93-98 Satire show- Eitan Tsur
The Bourgeoi’s- Supporting- Drama- Eitan Tsur
Seven days in Elul- Leading- Drama- Amir Zait


“Hayaar shehaya” – Guy raz
“Love letter to cinema”- Tawfik Abu wael, Hagar ben Asher
“Gett – The Trial of Vivian Amsalem” – Ronit Elkabetz and Shlomi Elkabetz
“Mafriach Hayonim – staring – Nissim Dayan
“Kidon” – Emmanuel Naccache
“Big bad wolves”- Aharon keshales, Navot papushado
“Igor & the Crane’s Journey- Evgeny Ruman
“Sweets” – Staring – Joseph Pitchadze
“Big Bad Wolves” – Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado
“Edut” – Shlomi Elkabetz
“The Cop”- Staring- Drama- Nadav Lapid
“Kalevet” – Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado
“Immigrants”- Gal ziv
“year zero “- Staring-Drama- Joseph Pichazda
“Gift From Heaven”- Supporting- Drama- Dover Kosashvili
“Divine Intervention”- Supporting- Drama- Elia Suliman
“The Electricity Man”- Starring- Drama- Eli Cohen
“Made in Israel”- Starring- Drama- Ari Folman
“Besame Mucho”- Supporting- Drama- Yosef Pichhazde
“Saint Clara”- Supporting- Drama- Ari Folman & Ori Sivan
“Dogs are Color Blind- Supporting- Comedy- Orna & Yohanan Raviv
“Lovesick on Nana St.”- Supporting- Drama- Savi Gabison
“Actors”- Supporting- Drama- Roni Ninio
“Aya-Fictional Biography”- Supporting- Drama- Michal Bat-Adam
“Beep”- Starring- Drama- Amit Hecht
“Benni Zinger’s- Short- Drama- Arnon Goldfinger
Last Performance”
“Marx in the End”- Short- Drama- Yalon Gurevitch
“Yael Shai & Half a Menashe”- Short- Drama- Amir Zait
“Le Jadan”- Short- Drama- Menashe Noy


“The Lover” – Cameri Theatre
“The Obvious”- The Civilian- Jo El-Dror- Fringe



2002- Divine Intervention- Award of Excellence- Cannes Film Festival
2000- Besame mucho- Best film- Jerusalem Film Festival
1996- Saint Clara Best film- Israeli Academy Award
Honor Award- Berlin Film Festival
1995- Lovesick on Nana St. Best Film- Israeli Academy Award

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