Noam David Boukobza


2020 – 2021 Acting on Camera workshop, led by Olivier Assayas, (2016 Cannes festival winner)
2015 – 2018 Nissan native Acting Studio Graduate – 3 year study program
2014 – 2015  ‘Hamartef’ Theater, Jerusalem
2006 – 2012 Nurit Katzir Jerusalem Theater Center
2009 – 2012 Reut Highschool, Jerusalem Theater major Graduate


Dibukim French-Israeli coproduction mini-serie, written by Shachar Magen and Valery Zenaty.


2019 – 2021

Tel-Aviv Beirut: French-Israeli Coproduction, Starring Sara Adler and Shlomi Elkabetz.

Babonag: A film by Guy Raz and Dikla Zacks.

Amori: A short French film by Illy rihen.

Like water


2018 – 2021

Parrhesia                    A theater show in the serie “#posthome_theatre” by Orly Rabinian.

Good people fight       written by Daniil Kharms, Directed by Efim Rinenberg, Hamartef Theater Jerusalem.

Talk to me like rain      Written By Tennessee Williams, Directed by Efim Rinenberg, Micro Theater, Jerusalem

Halila                           Written by Jhonathan Blumenfeld, Directed by Udi ben Moshe, Khan Theater, Jerusalem

Barcelona                    A musical by Joe Amar songs and lyrics. Directed by Claire Ben David.

Chana                         Written and directed by Zvia Hoverman, following and based on Chana Senesh heroic history. Mediatheque Theater.

Sleeping bag               Psychological Drama Written by Udi Widislavsky, Dimona Theater.

Maricain Dibuk            Written by Udi Widislavsky, Dimona Theater.

The Chois is in our hands       A Theater show for youth, Written by Shachar Farhi.

To Stand in their Shoes          ‘A Place of Hope’ Theater Company. A show for youth, Written by Dudi Shamai.


French: Native language
Hebrew: Native language
English: Working Professional

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