Moshonov Moni


Graduated The Tel Aviv university Theatre program with Nola Chelton.


Zehu Ze! (2020-2023)
The Jews Are Coming (2014-2023) – Director Kobi Havia. 2 seasons
Eli (2019) | directed by Gideon Ruff
Elisha (2017-2019) | Directed by Asaf Baiser
Ikaron HaHachlafa (2016) - directed by Noah Stulman
DIFS (2016) – Director Oded Davidof
We are On the Map (2016) – a sketch show
Imported (2015) – Director Danny Sirkin. Leading role
Separated (2015) – Director Daniel Lapin
Shraga Bishgada (2013-2016) – children series for the Israeli Educational Television
Gordin’s Cell (2012-2015) – Director Danny Syrkin. Leading role. 2 seasons
Isreal (2013) – Director Roy Florentin
Naor’s friends (2011) – Director Naor Tzion
Taxi Driver (2010) – Director Eitan Aner
Papadizi (2008) – Director Uri Sasson
In Treatment (2008) – Director Eitan Zur
Dog Out – Director Nir Bergman
Ktzarim (“Shorts”) (2004-2009) – Director Rani Sa’ar. 4 seasons
Zehu Ze! (“That’s it!”) (1978-1998). one of the most successful known comedy series in Israel. a milestone series in The Israeli culture.



Kol Ma she'Anni Yekhola (2022)- directed by Shiri Nevo Fridental
America (2022) - directed by Ofir Raul Graizer
Hummus Full Trailer (2022) - Directed by Asaf Kobrovsky
Letter of Agreement (2015) directed by Michal Zecharia

Bulgarian Rhapsody (2014) Director: Ivan Nitchev

Strange Course of Events (2013) Director: Rafael Nadgari
La Dune (2013) Sirector: Yossi Aviram
Hunting Elephants (2012) Director: Reshef Levi, leading role with Sir Patrick Stewart
Vijay and I (2012) Director: Sam Garbarski
Sweets (2012) Director: Joseph Pitchadze
Jaffa (2009) Director: Keren Yedaya
We Own the Night (2007) Director: James Gray
Two Lovers (2008) Reuben Kraditor director : James gray
Lirkod (2006) aka The Belly Dancer
Forgiveness (2006)  aka Mechilot | director Udi Aloni
Year Zero (2004) aka Year Zero | director Joseph Pitchadze
Matana MiShamayim (2003) aka Gift from Above | director Dover Kosashvili
Kedma (2002) | director Amos Gitay
Hatuna Meuheret (2001) | director : Dover Kosashvilli
Besame Mucho (2000) director Joseph Pitchadze
Miklachat, Ha- (1997)The Shower – director Jorje Gurevitch
Kvalim (1992) | director Tzvi Shisse

Deadline (1987) |Director Nathaniel Gutman
Every Time We Say Goodbye (1986) director Moshe Mizrahi
Ish She Ba Lakahat, Ha- (1981) director Prosper Priente
Masa Alunkot (1977) director Judd Ne’eman


Moni Moshonv plays in the theatre since the mid 1970’s in keading roles.
Moni played in Israel’s leading theatres such as Habima National Theatre, Cameri Theatre, Haifa Theatre.
Some of his major roles in the theatre:
Romeo and Julliet by William Shaekspeare, I’m not Rappaport by Herb Gardner, The Goat by Edward Elbee, The Chairs by Eugene Ionesco (directing and acting), The Servent of Two Masters (directing), Popper by Hanoch Levin (directing), Kaviar Ve’Adashim (directing) and more.


Winner of Ophir Award (Academy Award) for an actor in a supporting role for Late Marriage
Winner Israel Academy for Television Award for an actor in a leading role for Ktzarim
Honorary Award for artistic acheivement in Jerusalem International Film Festival
Theatre Academy Award for directing and acting in the play “The Chairs” by Eugene Ionesco.

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