Mor Keren


Graduated the Nissan Nativ – acting studio. Tel Aviv.


2018 – “Dr. Tutti” Dir. Tali Shalom Ezer

2018 -2021  -“Kupa Rashit” Dir. Oren Shkadi

“Mother’s day”

“The world tonight”
“In the edge of the paintbrush”
“Zeo Ze” – guest star
“Hamishia Hakamerit.
“Opening 1812” – TV Drama.
“In trend”
“The bourgeois”
“Parashat Ha-Shavua”
“The best friend ever” – TV drama.



“Cool father” – directed by Jacob Goldvaser
“Berlin – Jerusalem” – directed by Amos Gitai
“Shoro” – directed by Savi Gabizon.
“Everyday” – directed by Amos Gitai
“Dogs don’t bark in green light” directed by Yohanan and Orn Raviv
“Beep” directed by Amit Hecht
“September 11th” directed by Amos Gitai.
“It must be happy” directed by Julie Sheltz.
“Year Zero” directed by Joseph Pittchazda.
“Indecent Movement” directed by Tzhachi Grad.
“Shiv’ha” directed by Shlomi and Ronit Elkabetz.
“Princess” directed by Tali Sharon Ezer


Haifa Municipal theatre:
“Jerusalem Syndrome”
“Figaro Marriage”.
“The rebellion of the death”.

Tzavta theatre
“Midnight dreams” – Titina
Beit Lessin theatre
“Dark was the night”.
“Scorn to the moon”.
“The odd couple”.
Habima theatre
Tartif – Marian
“Bath, Bed and Park”
The Cameri theatre
“The blue leaves house”.
“His life project”.
“Crazy head”.

“Angeles in America”.
“State Comptroller”.
“Best Friends Ever”.
“Bad Boys”.
“Wife, Husband, house”.
“The King leer”.


1995- Women of the Year – Theatre Award.
1997 – The critical award Haifa festival.
2002- Best Drama actress for her role in the bourgeois.
2005 – Best Comedian actress.
2009 – Best Comedian actress

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