Leon Miki


Graduate Nissan Nativ acting studio. Tel Aviv


2022 – “False Flag” (Kfulim) Season 3

2020 – 2016 “Charlie Golf One” created by Zion Rubin

2016 Uri ve Ella, created by Dina Sanderson
2016-2017 Metumtemet 1+2
2016 Taagad
2013-2016 Bnei Aruba
2014-2018 False Flag 1+2

“Allenbi” – director Asaf Bernstein. Role: Effi
“Hatufim” season 1 and 2 – director Gideon Raff, role:Yaki Zach
“Other life” – director Yossi Madmoni, role: Avidan
“Michaela”– tv series. Role: Moshe.
“Section of the Week” directed by Rani Blaier. Role: Feldman
“5 men and a Wedding” – Directed By Eran Kolirin. Role: Skydiving Guide
“Room Service” – directed by Roni Lerman. Role: Commander.
“Life isn’t everything” directed by Adi Binyaminov
“Deos” directed by Gidi Dar. Role: Nimrod.
“Meorav yerushlmi” Direced by Yankol Goldvaser. Role: Golan the Director.


2022 “Father Tongue” (Short)

2020 – “Abu Omar” Dir. Roy Krispel

2017  -“The Angel” Dir.  Ariel Vromen

2017 Antenna

2015 Eretz Ptzua

2015 Cherdat HaBamay

2015 Anna (Short)
2012 Mayim

“Ravaka Plus” – director Dover Koshashvili
“Invisible” – director Michal Aviad
“Sailor” written and directed by Ori and Benny Barabash. Role: Hezi.
“Tied hands” directed by Dan Wallman. Role: Drug diller.
“The last knockout of Max Ber” directed by Avida Livni. Role: Max Ber.
“Adam Resurrected” – Directed by Paul Schrader. role : Golomb
“Waltz with Bashir” – directed by Ari Folman
“Homeland” – directed by Danny Rosenberg. Directed by Mintz.
“cha cha Cha” directed by Itay Lev. Role: Ilan


2017 “Fathers and Sons”

2017 “In TheTunnel”

2015 “Othello”

2013 “Anti”

2012 “primaDonna”

2010 “Princess Yvonne ” (King Ignatius)

2009 “Affair at the Work Place” (Ofer Bergman).

2009 “Harper Reagan” (Mickey Nestor)

2008 “Twelfth Night” (Ursino)

2007 “Night Calls” (Barry Champlain)

2007 “The Eldest Son” (Silva)

2006 “Medea” (Jason)

2006 “Cherry Orchard” (Yarmolay Alexeyevich)

2005″The Pillow Man” (Ariel)

2004 “Everybody Wants To Hollywood” (Bimivovi)
2003 “Shusha” (Flinder)

2003 “Remnants of Love” (Bernie)
2002 “The Slave”


Best actor in short Movie “Audition”. Haifa film festival 2003.
Sharet scholarship – Monologues National Competition. 2001

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