Kornowski Lihi


Graduated The “Yoram Lewinstein” School of acting


2022 Crimes of the Future, Directed by David Cronenberg

2019  Sublet by Ethan Fox

2018  I Was Born in Jerusalem and I’m Still Alive – by Yossi Atia and David Ofek

2017  The burglar by Hagar Ben Asher (Nominated for Best Actress in Academy Awards 2017 for her interpretation of this roll )


Shamaim Adumim , Created by Daniel Amsel, Amit Cohen and Ron Leshem 2023

Queens, season 1-2, created by Ruth and Gal Zaid for HOT 2021

Why, Who’s dead?created by Israel PitermanYogev Yeffet and Eyal Eltawil 2021

2019 Losing Alice, created by Sigal Avin for HOT

2018  False Flag (season 2) – created by Maria Feldman and Oded Reskin (Netflix)

2015 Kill the Grandmother– created by Yossi Madmoni, David Ofek and Lior Sheffer for YES

2015 A very Important Person– created by Shirley Moshioff for HOT

2014 The Neighborhood – Giora Hamizer for Nickelodeon, HOT

2013  Summer Vacation Diaries – Ofer Weizman for Disney Israel



Lihi is a member of the National Theater – Habima since 2019

  • 2020 – “The Betrayal” Directed and written by Hillel Mittelpunkt, Habima National Theater
  • 2018 – “The Effect” Directed by Kfir Azulay, Beer Sheva Theater

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