Kornowski Lihi


Graduated The “Yoram Lewinstein” School of acting


  • 2019 Sublet by Ethan Fox
  • 2018 I Was Born in Jerusalem and I’m Still Alive – by Yossi Atia and David Ofek
  • 2017 The burglar by Hagar Ben Asher (Nominated for Best Actress in Academy Awards 2017 for her interpretation of this roll )


  • 2021 The Queens, season 2, created by Ruth and

    Gal Zaid for HOT

  • 2021 Why, Who’s dead?,  created by Israel Piterman,

    Yogev Yeffet and Eyal Eltawil

  • 2019 Losing Alice, created by Sigal Avin for HOT
  • 2018 False Flag (season 2) – created by Maria Feldman and Oded

    Reskin (Netflix)

  • 2018 The Queens – created by Ruth and Gal Zaid for HOT
  • 2015 Kill the Grandmother- created by Yossi Madmoni, David Ofek and Lior Sheffer for YES
  • 2015 A very Important Person- created by Shirley Moshioff for HOT
  • 2014 The Neighborhood – Giora Hamizer for Nickelodeon, HOT
  • 2013 Summer Vacation Diaries – Ofer Weizman for Disney Israel-



Lihi is a member of the National Theater – Habima since 2019

  • 2020 – “The Betrayal” Directed and written by Hillel Mittelpunkt, Habima National Theater
  • 2018 – “The Effect” Directed by Kfir Azulay, Beer Sheva Theater

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