Koriat Shlomi


1990-1994 - Thelma Yelin Arts High School in Givatayim
1998-2000 - "Beit Zvi" Higher School of Acting


2023 - "East Side" - directed by Yael Rubinstein and Yossi Madamoni

2022 - "Disorganized Crime"

2022 - "The 90s" - Reshet, directed by Ariel Benavaghi

2019-2020 - "The Well" - Corporation 11, directed by Yaron Arzi/Yonathan Bar Ilan

2019 - "Consolation" - Hot, directed by Tomer Shani

2018 - "Dr. Karaz" - Here 11, directed by Ofer Weizman

"Atlantica" - Hot, directed by Oded Davidoff

"Dolls" - Hot, directed by - Shay Capon

"The Selector" - Hot, directed by - Shai Kenato

"Israel" - Keshet, directed by - Roi Florentin

"Married Plus" - Keshet, directed by Ofer Weizman

"The most beautiful years" - Reshet

"Life is not everything" -Reshet, directed by Adi Biniminov

"Haretzuaa" - Keshet, directed by Eran Yan and Uzi Will

"Reservations" - Reshet, directed by Uri Barbash

"Tidy" - Keshet

"The Truth and Lie Game" (TV movie) - Network

"It's good that you came" - Channel 10


2019 - "All In" - directed by Yonatan Bar Ilan
2018- "Cracks" - directed by Eric Lubetzky 2017- "Journey of the Ring"  2017- "Operation Egg"
"Snowland" - directed by Yoni Zichholzg

2016 -"Four by Four" - directed by Shai Kenato
2014 - "Apples from the desert" - directed by Eric Lubetzky and Mati Harari "The Institution" - directed by Alon Gor Aryeh 2012- "HaOlam Matzchik" - directed by Shmi Zarhin 2011- "Little Simiko's Fantasy" - directed by Eric Lubitsky and Mati Harari

2006- "Letters from America" ​​- directed by Hanan Peled


German-Israeli co-production - "A Midsummer Night's Dream - Shakespeare"


"The Libyan hero" - directed by Moshe Naor

"Don't let the girl wake up" - directed by Roni Niño

Beer Sheva

"The flower of the neighborhoods"

the stage

"The Policeman Azulai" - directed by Micah Levinson

Musical - "Sigel" - French direction

"Givat Halfon does not answer" - directed by Moshe Kaptan


"The Chabadniks"

Stage and guidance:

1998-2006 Nonsense show - Prozac third

2009- The Transparent Studio daily program - Keshet

2010- The beauty queen ceremony

2014- "The Karaoke Derby of Israel" channel 24 Keshet

stand up show



Best Actor Award Nottingham Film Festival England 2020

Entertainment People of the Year Award

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