Khoury J. Makram


2014 – “Zaguri Empire”. for HOT.

2008 – “House of Saddam”. BBC/HBO – Tariq Aziz.

2007 – “Haalufa” – season 2. for “HOT”.

2004-2005 – “The West Wing” , U.S.A. Warner Bros. (5 eps) – Farad.

1983 – “Michel Ezra Safra and sons”.


“Abulele” – Hanny. directed by Yoni Geva.

“Wounded land”. directed by Erez Tadmor.

“The cut” – Omar. directed by Fatih Akin.
“A Tale Of Love And Darkness” – Halawani. directed by Natalie Portman.

2014 – “Atlit”. directed by Shirel Amitay.

2014 – “Desert Dancer” – Mehdi. directed by Richard Raymond.

2013 – “Magic Man” – Avraham Kofinas.directed byErez Tadmor & Guy Nattiv:Winner of Ophir award for best actor in 2013 for his role in the film.
2013 – “Sweets” – Salach. directed by Josef Pichadze.
2013 – “The Physician” – Imam. directed by Philipp Stolzl.
2013 – “Farewell Baghdad” – Nouri. directed by Nissim Dayan.
2013 – “Complicit” – Colonel Hazem Ashraf. directed by Nial MacCormick.
2012 – “Inheritance” – Abu Majda. directed by Hiam Abbass.
2010 – “Miral” – Governor Khatib. directed by Julian Schnabel.
2009 – “Dusty Road” – Khalil. directed by Rukaya Sabbah.
2009 – “Italians” – Hamed. directed by Giovanni Veronesi.
2008 – “Lemon Tree” – Abu Kamal. directed by Eran Riklis.
2006 – “Forgiveness” – Dr. Yitzhak Shemesh. directed by Udi Aloni.
2005 – “Munich” – Wael Zwaiter. directed by Steven Spielberg.
2005 – “Free Zone” – The American. directed by Amos Gitay.
2004 – “The Syrian Bride” – Hammed. directed by Eran Riklis.
2003 – “HaMangalistim” – Ezra. directed by Yossi Madmoni and David Ofek.
2001- “The Body” – Nasir Hamid. directed by Jonas McCord.
1997 – “Shvil Hahalav” – Mukhtar. directed by Ali Nasser.
1995 – “The tale of the three Lost Jewels” – Abu Iman. directed by Michel Khleifi.
1994 – “Les Patriotes” – Barak. directed by Eric Rochant.
1992 – “Double Edge” – Ahmed Shafik. directed by Amos Kollek.


International Tours with the Haifa Municipal Theatre:
1994 “Waiting for Godot” performed in Manchester, England at the “European City of Drama Festival”
1987 “Shooting Magda” (or ”The Palestinian”) by Joshua Sobol performed in Europe at Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Frankfurt, Zeigen, Hamburg, and Munich.
1984 ”Waiting for Godot” by S.Beckett performed in Bonn and Heidelberg, West Germany.
1983 “ The Island” by Athol Fugard performed in Arabic at ‘Stagedoor Festival’ in Amsterdam & ‘Theatre Lucerner’in Paris, and in 1985 at the ‘Kennedy Center’ in Washington D.C . where some performances were in Hebrew.
Toured abroad with the Cameri Municipal Theater:
1999 “Murder” in Manheim and Heidelberg, Germany.
1998 “Murder” by H. Levin performed at the ‘Parma Festival’ in Italy.

Toured with the Palestinian Al Casabah Theater:
1999 “Bab Al Shams” by Elias Khoury, a monodrama in Rabat and Casablanca
1998 “The Immigrant” by G. Shehadeh in Amman, Jordan.

Toured with the National Palestinian Theatre:
2005: “Mural” by Mahmoud Darwish, Tortosa Festival, Spain., Theatre St-Gervais Geneve, Suisse.
Makram J. Khoury has appeared in over one hundred plays including

Directing for the Theatre

Karma Theatre in Haifa (in Arabic)
2002:‘Mummy I am Here’ a children’s play by Aliza Dolev .
1990: ‘Wa El Arabah Taseer’ (There Goes the Courage) A collage of adaptation by Makram J. Khoury from three works by the Syrian writer Mahammad El Maghout: ‘The Clown’, ‘The Hunchback Bird’ , and ‘ I will Betray My Homeland’.
‘The Coat’ by Gogol, a monodrama.

Arabic Theatre in Haifa
2003: ‘The Barber of Bagdad’ by Alfred Farai.
1998:‘An Open Strike’ a monodrama by Mohammed Ali Taha.
1995: ‘The King is the King’ by the Syrian Playwright Sa’adalla Wannous.
‘The Last Stone’ a monodrama by Miriam Yehel and Salwa Nakarah.

El Casabah Theatre in Jurusalem and Ramallah
I. ‘The Clown’ by Mohammed El Maghout.

The National Palestinian Theatre
2004: ‘The Pigeons Flew’ by Azam Abo Sioud.


Hebrew, Arabic and English.



Winner of Ophir award for the best actor in 2013 for his role in the film Son of God directed by Erez Tadmor & Guy Nattiv

1987: ‘The Israel Prize’ – the highest award given by the State of Israel for achievements in Theatre, TV and Cinema.
1986: ‘The Israel Academy Award’ for Supporting Film Actor in two films: ‘A Narrow Bridge’ and ‘The Smile of the Lamb’.
1985: ‘Nathan Meizler’ Award for Theatre Actor of the Year by the Haifa Municipality.
1984 ‘David Harp’ Award for Theatre Actor of the Year by Yediot Aharonot
1983: ‘Moshe Halevy’ Award for Best Actor of the Year by Tel Aviv Municipality.

2004: “The Syrian Bride “ for Best Leading Film Actor.
2002: “The Mangalistim” for Best Supporting Film Actor.
1998: “The Milky Way” for Best Supporting Film Actor.
1997: “Murder” for Best Leading Theatre Actor.
1994: ”Educating Rita” for Best Leading Theatre Actor.

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