Issa Norman


Graduated from the Beit-Zvi Stage Art School


“Arab Work” by Said Kashua –As Amjad, Leading role, 2 seasons
“The Dreamers” diretor Shay Kapon
“Murder in the Dead Sea”


“My lovely sister” director Marco Carmel
“The Syrian Bride” directed by Eran Riklis
“Habait Bepinat Harechov” director Marco Carmel


For the Haifa Theater together with Beit Hagefen: Ali Baba
For the Beer-Sheba Theater: Nighttime Surveillance, Lovers and Crooks, The Pretender, Cid, The Baker’s Wife, Midnight Summer Dream, Philadelphia Here I Come, Jew Suss, Bertha’s Piano.
For the Arab Theater: The Death of an Anarchist, Moon Wash Your Face.
For the Al-Saraya Theater, Jaffa: Jaffa’s Orphans, Longings.
Children’s Play: Messy Musicians.
For the Cameri Theater: Murder. back to Haifa/
For the Haifa Theater: Secure Perimeter, Othello, The Last Wedding, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Impero, Nierenberg, Masquerade, Mosquito in the Head, The Art of Acting, Madelene The Israelis, Custodian, and finally, Dancing Arabs – a solo performance which won me a citation at the Theatroneto Festival, 2005.
Wrote the children’s play: ach ach boom trach, and directed it for the Children’s Plays Festival, Haifa, for which I won the Best Director Award. The Israeli Foreign Ministry selected this play to represent Israel in festivals worldwide.
Directed Arabian nights in Habima Theater and the Arab Hebrew theater.
Currently participating in Perspectives at the Peres Center for Peace and actively involved in several center projects.
Directed the musical Robin Hood for the Haifa Theater.
Directed the children’s play Tulie Balboolie.
Directed Mask, a Syrian play, for the Arab Drama in Hebrew Festival.
Directed “Gilgamesh” in Haifa children fest.
Currently playing for the Haifa Theater “the ugly one”
Art Director, of the jaffa international Children Festival .


2015 – winner of Ophir Award for best actor in a supporting role, for his role in the film “90 Minute War”

Won the best director and the show “Gilgamesh” 2009

Won the best director in one man show 2007.
Won the best actor in the one man show2005.
Won the best Arab director 2005.
Won the best actor in Haifa theatre 2001.

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