Illuz Albert


Graduate of Tel Aviv University.


“Sisu VeSimchu”


“Sesame Street”

“That’s It”
“Saturday Night”
“Koby and Mali”
“Mishel Ezra Safra and his Sons”
“Gabi, Dear Son”
“Indian in the Sun”
“God’s Assistant”
“For Members Only”
“The Evening World”
“Amsalem’s Tears”
“Telanovela Inc.”
“Jerusalem Mix”


National Productions:

“Shaar Haprachim” – Haim Buzaglo

“Yoter mima shemagia li” – Pini Tavger

“Under the Nose”- directed by Yankul Goldbaser

“Doll”- directed by Zeev Revach
“Weekend Circles”- directed by Idit Schori
“Shuru”- directed by Shabi Gabizon
“Lovesick”- directed by Shabi Gabizon
“Eddie King”- directed by Semel
“Shlomi’s Stars”- directed by Shemi Zarchin
“To Lick the Strawberry”- directed by Uri Barbash
“Summer Vacation”- directed by Shmuel Chaimovich
“Something Sweet”
“The Shwartz Dynasty”- directed by Shmuel Hasfari

International Productions:
“The Ambassador”
“Delta Force 1”
“Delta Force 3”
“Scoop”“444 Days”
“Thieves in the Night”


Acted in numerous plays over the years in all of the major national theatres including:
The Cameri Theatre, The Bima Theatre, Beer Sheva Theatre, Haifa Theater, Beit Lessin Theatre, and various festivals.

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