Hadar Roni


2006-2009 Nisan Nativ School of Acting – Tel Aviv
Recipient of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Scholarship- 2007
Recipient of the Nehemiah Nadel Excellence in Studies Scholarship 2009

Courses and Workshops:
2015 Story Structure with Roee Malich Reshef
2011 “chabak” Method with Alon Neuman
2009 cinematic acting with Moshe Ivgy
2002 Movement Improvisation at Boulevard Raspail, Paris


“Love Beyond the Corner” Channel 2 (2004), “Four Men and a Wedding” Channel 10 (2007), “La-La Land” Children’s Channel (2008), “What a Bachelor Needs” Hot 3 (2009), “The Island” Season 3, Children’s Channel (2009), “Foxes” (2010) yes, “Bobi and I” Season 1-3 Reshet (2010-2012), “kalmarim” Hot, Season 1-8 (2012-2018), “Naor’s Friends” Reshet (2015), “Children of the Tree House” Khan kids, Season 1-7 (2016-2022), “kupa rashit” Khan 11 (2022), “Hotel Hotle” Khan kids (2023).


“va, vie et devient” (Israel/France 2005), “Slower than a Heart” Israel (2011), “Seven” Israel (2013), “The geeks Club” Israel (2017).


“Orna’s Magic,” Orna Porat (2009), “A Quiet Night” Cameri Theatre (2010), “Falling in the Net” National Youth Theatre (2011), “The Aristocrats,” Cameri Theatre (2011), “Exodus,” Orna Porat Theatre (2012), “Play it again, Sam” Be’er Sheva Theatre (2013), “Shakespeare show” Nephesh Theatre (2014), “Rendezvous Hotel” Cameri Theatre (2017-18), “Sour Face” Orna Porat Theatre (2018), “Behind the Eyes” Haifa Theatre (2020).


Hebrew – Native
English – Fluent
French – Proficient

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