Gabay Sasson


Tel Aviv University, Drama Dept. – BFA


2023 – Aviram Katz . Dana Modan and Eitan Tzur

2022 – “WeCrashed” Drew Crevello and Lee Eisenberg, 1 episode

2015-2021 “Shtisel” (Netflix) created by Ori Elon Yehonatan Indursky

2021 – “Oslo” TV Movie, USA, Directed by Bartlett Sher

The roll of Shimon Peres

2021 – “Menagen Ve Shar” Dikla Barkai and Oded Noy

2018-2020 “Stockholm” Creator Noa Yedlin

2014 -2019 “Sirens” – Director Adam Sanderson

2015 -2017  “Anahnu Ba Mapa”

2009 -2015 “Polishuk” TV Series, 3 seasons (won the Best Actor in a Comedy Series for this roll )

2008 – House of Saddam American TV mini-series HBO & BBC producrion the role of Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr

“HAMEYUCHEDET” – Director Oded Ruskin

2006 – DJIHAD” – 2 episode fridman-CANAL + FRANCE  co – starring abdel – haleque”

HAMAL” (12 episode) JCS prod Starring – “hilbi”

POKER FACE” 2000 Starring – “Alex” Dana Prod.

“”HAMACHON” (12 EPISODES) 1999 Sbage Bikle prod. Starring – “Baruch

EGOZE” (3 EPISODES) 1998 I.B.A Starring – “Father”

THE RUNAWAY BOX” 1997 Show Time, Neufeld Production Co – Starring – “Suliman”

SITON” ( 20 EPISODES) 1995 Israel Broadcast Authority (21 Episodes) Starring – “Siton”

“THE KASTNER TRIAL” (3 EPISODES) 1994 Israel Broadcast Authority
(3 Episodes) Starring: “Kastner”

BEHIND THE SUN” 1994 Open Doors Prod. (U.S.A.) Featuring – “The Father”

LOVE HURTS” 1994 Alomo for the BBC (4 Episodes) Featuring – “Ben Ari”

THE BIBLE STORIES” 1993 Z.D.F. (Ger.) Featuring – “The Driver”

MEKOMON” 1992 Israel Broadcast Authority (Isr.) Starring – “Archimedess Levy”
WHY LOCKERBIE” 1990 Granada Television (U.K.) Co-starring – “The Electrician”
STEAL THE SKY“1988 H.B.O. (U.S.A.) Co-starring – “Nedgeme”

THE PUPPET“1987 Israel Broadcast Authority (Isr.) Starring – “The Mechanic”

THE IMPOSSIBLE SPY” 1987 H.B.O. – BBC (U.S.A.-U.K.) Co-starring –
“Gamal Haled”

HAIM’S NEIGHBORHOOD” 1985 Educational Television (Isr.) (20 Episodes) ? Starring – “Sasson

ZEHU ZE“1984-1993 Educational Television (Isr.) (S15 Episodes – Live) Starring


“TOTO”1984 Roll Films (Isr.) 10 Clips Starring – “The Taxi Driver”


2022 – “Karaoke” Directed by Moshe Rosenthal, Lead

2019 – La femme de mon frère ( A Brother’s Love) Monia Chokri, Canada

2017 – “The Other Story”. Avi Nesher

2015  – “All The Good Words” Director Shemi Zarhin

2014 – “GETT – THE TRIAL OF VIVIAN AMSALEM” Directors: Ronit Elkabetz, Shlomi Elkabetz. Israel

2013 – “Hunting Elephants”  Director: Reshef Levy. Israel
2013 – “KIDON”  Director: Emanuel Naccache. Israel

2011 – When Pigs Have Wings” a French-German-Belgian comedy film directed by Sylvain Estibal.
2010 – “THE FISHERMAN” Director: Sylvain Estibal Marylin Productions, France, Staring as “Jafaar”- leading role
2011 – “Restoration”  director: Yossi Madmoni, Yetzira Ivrit Productions, Israel. a role for which he was nominated for an Ophir Award. He won the IFFI Best Actor Award (Male) at the 42nd International Film Festival of India.

2008 – “Hello and goodbye” united film prd. Staring “Police chief”.
2007 – “THE BAND’S VISIT” Directed by Eran Kolirin Staring “Taufique”. He won an Ophir Award and a European Film Award for his interpretation of this roll.

2005 – “AVIVA MY LOVE”  – even stone prd. Co- starring – “oded”
2000 – “THE ORDER”  Lerner prod Featuring – “Uri”
1999 –“MADE IN ISRAEL”  Asoulin Prod. Co-staring- “Perach”
“SCARE” 1994 “Pardes” Production (Israel-France) Starring – “The Italian  Investigator”
LES PATRIOTES” 1993 Les Productions Lazennec (France) Featuring – “Mossad  Man”

TEL AVIV STORIES” 1991 Halom Productions (Isr.) Co-Starring – “Menashe”
“CHERRY SEASON” 1991 Gdalia & Elhaddad Productions (Isr.) Co-Starring – “Shoko”
FIRST LIGHT 1991 Kotzky Productions (Isr.) Featuring: “The Terrorist”
NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER” 1990 Pathe Entertainment Ltd. (U.S.A.)Featuring: “The Shop Owner”
“THE QUARRY” 1989 Roll Films (Isr.) Starring – “David Shalom”
“RAMBO III” 1987 Carolco (U.S.A.) Co-starring – “Moussa”
“WAR ZONE” 1985 B.G.I. Production (Ger.-Israel) Featuring: “Terrorist”


Broadway adaptation of “The Band’s Visit” in the summer of 2018. USA tour.

“ROCHALE IS GETTING MARRIED” – Beit Lessin Theatre “Shloime”
“TERMS OF ENDEARMENT” – Beit Lessin Theatre
“UNCLE VANYA” – Beit Lessin Theatre “Vanya”
“GOODBYE AFRICA” –Beit lessin theatre staring “Aby”.
RAINMAN” 2007- Beit lessin theatre starring – “raymond””
“MATCH” 2005 – Beit lessin theater starring – “tobi”
“FILOMENA” 2005 – Beit lessin theater starring – “domenico”
“THE ACCIDENT” 2004 Lessin Theater Starring – “adam”
200“ISMAELIA” 2002 Beit Lessin Theater Starring – “miki”
“PASSION PLAY” 2001 Beit Lessin Theater Starring – “James”
“ODD COUPLE” 1998 Beit Lessin Theater Starring – “Felix”
“ART” 1997 Beit Lessin Theater Starring – “Serge”
“CYRANO DE BERGERAC” 1996Habima National Theater tarring – “Cyrano”
“CONVERSATION WITH MY FATHER”1995 Haifa Theater, Beit Lessin Theater ? Starring – “Eddie Goldberg”
“FILOMENA”1994 Beit Lessin Theater tarring – “Domenico”
“SINGER”1993 Beer-Sheva Municipal Theater Starring – “Singer”
“THE SUNSHINE BOYS”1993 A.G.D.A. + Beit Lessin Theater Starring – “Al Louis”
“BURN THIS”1992 Beer-Sheva Municipal Theater Starring – “Pale”
“MIRANDOLINA”1992 Beer Sheva Municipal Theater Starring – “The Knight”

“THE DIVORCED COUPLE”1991 Yuval Productions Starring – “Israel”
“PETER PAN”1990 Haifa Municipal Theater Starring – “Captain Hook”
“OPEN COUPLE”1990 Beit Lessin Theater Starring – “The Husband”
“SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS”1989 Habima National Theater Starring – “Jack”
“CAN’T PAY WON’T PAY”1988 Habima National Theater Starring – “Jovanie”
“SCHOOL FOR WIVES”1987 Habima National Theater Starring – “Arnolf”
“ADAM”1986 Habima National Theater Starring – “Adam”
“HAMLET”1985 Habima National Theater Co – Starring – “Claudius”
“THREE PENNY OPERA”1984 Habima National Theater Co – Starring – “Pitchem”
“CHEMIN DE FERE”1983 Kameri Municipal Theater Starring – “Emile”
“THE EXECUTION” 1983 Kameri Municipal Theater Co – Starring – “The Killer”
“ROUDZANTE”1982 Khan Theater – Jerusalem Starring – “Mennego”
“EATING”1981 Khan Theater – Jerusalem Starring – “The King”
“SERVANT OF 2 MASTERS”1978 Khan Theater – Jerusalem Starring –
“The Doctor”
“CATCH 22″1979 Khan Theater – Jerusalem Starring – “Yossarian”



2014 – Winner of Ophir Award for best actor in a supporing role, for his role in the film “Gett – The Trial of Vivian Amsalem”

Nominated for best actor in Australia film fes tival 2007. “The Band Visit” 2007.

Nominated for best actor in Tokyo film festival 2007. “The Band Visit” 2007.

Won the best actor in Interpretation Masculine’pripx. Belgium 2007. “The Band Visit” 2007.

Won the best actor award in Europe academy. Lead role “The Band Visit”. 2007

Best Actor for Lead Role “The Band visit”.2007
The Israeli Oscar.

Best Actor for lead role “The Band Visit” – Wallgin award – Jerusalem Festival.2007


“Tobi” in “Match” – 2006

The Israel Acadamy of theatre – 1999

“The Cherry Season”
The Israeli Academy of Cinema – 1991

The Israeli Academy of Cinema – 1995

Israeli-America Culture Fund Award – 1991

Won a scholarship of the “AMERICA-ISRAEL CULTURE FUND” for Drama Studies in London, England – 1978.

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