Dodina Evgenia


Graduate of the “GITIS” Royal Art School in Moscow


Participated in numerous television programs, including:
2020 “Stage Crush”
2019 “Killing Eve”
2008-2009″Ha Emet HaEroma” – Mika
2007 “PARASHAT HaSHavua”- Vera
2007 “Mercha Negiaa”- Marina
“SITON” – TV drama by Uri Barabash,
1995 “BAT YAM, NEW YORK” – A series by Yossi Madmoni,


“Story of lovers” A film by Zepel Yesurun,
“Love and Dance” A film by Eitan Anner,
“Letters to America” A film by Hanan Peled,
“Scar” – A film by Haim Bozaglo,
“Adam Circus” A film by Lihi Hanoch,
“Saint Clara” A film by Ari Folman and Uri Sivan,
“Ga’ntila” – A film by Agor Shif,
“Circus Falestina” A film by Eyal Halfon for which she was nominated for Ophir Awards for actress of the year,
“End Of The Game” A film by Yoni Darmon,
“Made In Israel” A film by Hari Folman,
“TOTAL ECLIPSE” – by Samuel Maoz ”
Adam Ressurected” directed by Paul Schrader,
“NINA’S DISASTERS” A film by Sabi Gabizon,
“Snow Paper” A film by Slava Nina Chaplin,
“Hayu Leilot” A film By Roni Ninio – for which she was nominated for Ophir Awards for actress of the year.
“invisible” A film by Michel Aviad,
“The Attack” A film by Ziad Douairi,
“Dr. Pomerantz” A film by Assi Dayan.
“Silver Fox of Felicia T” – A film by Edward Etler ,

A week and a day ” A film by Asaph Polonsky,
“Not like me” ” A film by Shira Porat
” Family” ” A film by Roni Keidar (Israel-Germany co-production The German production company of the film Family is Pallas Film who is a sister company of Twenty Twenty Vision – ) “Sins” ” A film by Avi Nesher,” Anna ” A film by Or Sinai(Cannes Film Festival 2016)
“IN ZEITEN DES ABNEHMENDEN LICHTS” A film by Matti Geschonneck
“One another” – Dasha Sherman
“Mot Hameshoreret”- Lead role- Film by Dana Goldberd & Efrat Mishori
“A perfect day for swimming”- A short film by Shira porat “Home made” – A short film by Shira Meishar
“In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts”- A film by Matti Geshonneck
“Past life”- A film by Avi nesher
“Love letter to Cinema”- A flim by Tawfik Abu weal


“MAIAKOVSKI” theatre in Moscow – lead roles.?It was the encounter between Evgenia Dodina and, Yevgeni Arye, a teacher at the theater that led to her decision to finally emigrate to Israel in 1990.

“GESHER” theatre in Tel-Aviv – lead roles.
Evgenia joined the theater upon its establishment, has performed in lead roles in the majority of the theater’s productions and has garnered praise and enthusiastic reviews. Her roles at the “Gesher” theater include:

“Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead ” by Tom Stopart – Ophelia, “The Dreyfuss Affair” by Greenberg – Miriam,
“Moliere” by Bulgakov – Armanda
, “The Idiot” by Dostoyevski – Aglaya,
“Adam Resurrected” by Yoram Kanyuk – Jenny, Gretchen,
“In A Slump” by Gorki – Natasha,
“Tartuffe”by Moliere – Doreen,
“City” by Isac Bavel – Baska, mourning child,
“Three Sisters” by Chechov – Masha,
“Love and Intrigue” by Scheiler – Lady Milford (DIRECTED BY Leander Haussmann) ,
“Eating” by Yaacov Shabtai – Isabelle,
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shaeksphere – Puck,
“Mr. Brink” – Aunt Dimitria,
“Shosha”by Bashevis Singer – Betty Slonim,
“The Slave” by Bashevis Singer – Wanda-Sarah,

“The Marriage of Figaro” – Cherubino,
Medea” – Medea,
“The Cherry Orchard”by Chechov – Madame Ranevskaya, the owner of the estate.

Earned praise and enthusiastic reviews in Israel and in the”Gesher” Theater’s tours in Europe and the US.

Since 2007 Jenya Dodina is an actress at the National Theatre “Habima” and plays leading roles such as:

Anna Karenina by Tolstoy –Anna Karenina
Little Eyolf by Henric Ibsen – Rita
A railway to Damascus directed by Hillel Mitelpunkt – Sarah
Persona by Ingmar Bergman, directed by Amelie Niemeyer
Adam Lo Met Stam directed by Shir Goldberg
Our Class directed by Hanan Snir
A Streetcar Named Desire -Blanche – directed by Ilan Ronen
Simple Story directed by Shir Goldberg
Oedipus – jocasta -directed by Hanan Snir




In 1988 was awarded the Rosenbloom award for her contributions to the theater.
Won Actress of the Year award for her role in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
in the Israeli Theater Awards for 2001/2002 and for her role in “The Slave” in the Israeli Theater Awards for 2002/2003.
Recipient of the Klatzkin Israeli-American Fund Award for 2004-2005
Best Actress winner for her role in “Snow Paper” in the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival.
Chosen to light one of the 12 torches in Israel’s 61st Independence Day ceremony on Mount Herzel, Jerusalem.
2010 received an honor degree from the Tel Aviv University “Doctor Philosophiae honoric causa”
2011 awarded for Best Actress in a leading role at Haifa International Film Festival for her role in” Invisible” by Michal Aviad
Was nominated five times for Best Actress

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