Cohen Gil


Technika- acting in front of camera for advanced- Niv Raz & Uli Shterenberg
Screenwriting- Idit Scehori
Acting in front of a camera- Helli Mon Sonego
Domino gross- humor & nonsence workshops- Amiram Gross
Dubbing- Sharon Cohen


Taagad- daily drama. Lead role. “YES”. Director- Zion Rubin
Kadabra- youth series. “yes kids”. Director- Oded Raz.
In front of the wall- drama. Lead role. Director- Haim Bouzaglo
When heroes flies- drama. “Keshet”+”Netflix”. Director: Omri Givon
State of Tel Aviv- comedy. Lead role. “partner TV”. Director- Ofir Boaz
Girl friends- season 2. Comedy. Director- Shay Ben Atar
City without violence- youth series. Lead role. “the education channel”.
Project Beep- comedy. “Keshet”. Produced by Domino gross
Variety of commercials- Mc’donalds, mastercard, Shufersal, Wobi, kif kef, Tnuva and more.


Get lost- lead role. Dutch telefilm. Director- mirjam de with
Jondi- lead role. Screened at cannas Festival 2016. Director- Daniel bettoun.
Moon at house 12. Director- Dorit Hakim


The old bar- Hasimte theatre jaffa. Director: Elia Bar
Under cover. Ashkelon theatre. Director: Mordi Gershon
Trio “makim bazhok”- comedy show produced by Domino gross
Love potion- operetta by “the Israeli opera”. Director- Yulia Fberzner.


Teacher of acting in front of a camera

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