Biton Yaniv


Graduated from the "Beit Zvi" high school for acting


2021 - Eretz Nehederet, Keshet
2021 - Alumim - Created by Guy Sidis, Nirit Ron and Tawfik Abu Vail, here 11
2021 - The store that has everything created by Uzi Weil and Shalom Gad, Kaan11
2021 - Motek Bul Baemtza | creating Shmulik the book, here 11
2021 - Sipurim Mehakufsa 
2021 - Ma Sheba , Roi Florentin, Keshet
2021 - Cafe Amalia 

2020 - Shavas, creators Ido Rosenthal and Doron Tzur, here 11

2020 - Hayehudim Baim, season 3, here 11

2020 - Kibbutznikim, Hot

2020 - Zot ve Zoti , created by Gitit Fisher

2020 - Shnot Hashmonim

2016-2021 Children of the Tree House, directed by Shirley Desha, here 11

2013 - 2019 Hakalmarim created by Avi Belkin, Hot

2017 - La Familia Season 2

2017 - Shababnikim, created by Eliran Malka and Daniel Faran, hot

2017 - The Big Nothing - KIDZ channel
2016 - the elevations. Directed by: Ariel Benavji and Eliran Malka.

2016 - Mother's Angel. Directed by: Eyal Sela.

2015- La Familia - Yigal. Channel 10. Director: Ohad Farah.

2015- Midrash - Farahdal. Network. Director: Danny Sirkin.

2014 - 2016 -Hyehudim Baim. Channel 1. Two seasons.

2012 - Comeback / Hot

2014 - The selector / Hot / was created by Rashef Levy and Shai Kenato

2013 - Irreversible guest role

2012 -  Allenby guest role

2012- New York - Hajabi. yes. Director: Ariel Benaji.

2011 - Israel national team / Channel 10

2009 - "Polyshock". Channel 22. Director: Shmuel Al-Shepri.


2018 - "Tel Aviv on fire" directed by Samach Zoavi

2016- "Hporetzet" directed by Hagar Ben Asher


Beit Lisin Theater:

"Latzet Mehaaron"

"Iluf Hasoreret"


The Camery Theater:

"Cyrano de Bergerac"

"Comedy of Errors"

"The good soul from Sichuan"

"Mosquito in the head" (in the role of Kami Shandbiz)
"It's the big sea" (as Jackie)
"Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead" (as Rosencrantz)
"Flunder" (for which he was nominated for the award for the most promising actor in the theater)
"Hamlet" (in the roles of Rosencrantz and Osric)
"Chamber Song"
Plays in the library theater:
"The Death of a Dubious Anarchist" (as the psychic)
"Grease" (Batfid Roger)

Fringe shows:
"Derech Green" (in the role of Tom) in the renovated Zionist House of America

Children's shows:
"This song is also mine" at the Orna Forat Theater for children and youth
"Being involved" in the Tsavta theater
"Sasgonia" at the National Youth Theater


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