Azoulay Hasfari Hanna


.Graduated from the Department of Theater Arts at Tel Aviv University


2022 - "I don't have to love you" - Yotam Knispel

2014 - "Orange People" director and actress
2008 - "Seven" directed by Ronit and Shlomi Elkebats

2005 - "Shoshelet Schwartz" directed by Shmuel and Amir Al-Shepri
1997 - "First degree love" directed by Akiva Tevat
1995 - "An electric blanket named Moshe" directed by Assi Dayan
1995 - "Chole Ahava mi Shikon Gimel" directed by Shavi Gavizon
1994 - "Shchur" acting and screenplay. Directed by Shmuel the book
1990 - "The Quarry" directed by Roni Niño
1989 - "Braids" directed by Yitzhak Halutzi
1987 - "Nadia" directed by Amnon Rubinstein
1985 - "Girls" directed by Nadav Levithan
1984 - "Rage and Glory" directed by Avi Nesher
1982 - "Dead End Road" directed by Yaki Yoshua


2019-2020 "Hanispach"

2018 "Kfulim 2" 

2009-2015 "Polishok", directed by Shmuel Al-Shepari
2007-2014 "Haborer" directed by Shai Kenot
2004 "Esti Hamechoeret" directed by Avi Cohen


One of the founders of the "Simple Theater Group", in which she appeared in many plays, including the play "1984", which won first place at the Acre Festival and for her performance she also received the "Best Actress" award in 1983.

She played in the Chamber Theater, the Haifa Theater, the Beer Sheva Theater and the Beit Lisin Theater and played many central roles. Alma in "1974" (Shamuel Al-Sfarri) Julie in "Lies" (Hugh Whitmore) Amelia in "The House of Bernarda Alba" (Garcia Lorca) Mary and Hoda in "Trumpet in the Wadi" (Shamuel Al-Sfarri's adaptation of Sami Michael's book ) Various roles in "The Yellow Time" (an adaptation of David Grossman's book) Various roles in "The King" (Shamuel the book). Fock in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (Shakespeare) "Miranda in "The Storm" (Shakespeare) Shulamit in "Netanya" (by Shmuel Al-Shepari) Rachel in "Valentino" (Rami Danon and Amnon Levy)
Wrote the plays: "Batulu Shiduch" which was performed at the Chamber Theater and "The Red Lion" Theater in London; The "Silihot" which was presented at Beit Lisin, at the Hebrew Theater and at the Nottara Theater in Bucharest, Romania, and at the Sato Mara Theater in Romania. and "Mimona" which was also presented at the Beit Lisin Theater.


The leading actress award of the Cinema Academy (Ophir Award) in 1987 (for her role in the film "Nadia").
The leading actress award of the Film Academy (Ofir Award) in 1995 (for Love Sick in Shikon C).
Her film "Black" won the Israeli Academy Award as film of the year for 1994.

The best screenplay award at the "Troy" festival held in Portugal in 1995 for the film "Black".
The best actress award at the 2008 Jerusalem Festival for her role in the film "Seven" directed by Shlomi Elkabets and Ronit Elkabets.
Critics' Chamber Award for 2008 for her role in the movie "Seven"
"Jury" award at the 2013 Rehovot Women's Festival for directing the film "Orange People"

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