Asarsai Ruth


Beit Zvi , Acting School.
Stage Workshops.
Ruti Daiches, Acting in front of a camera.


“Mtumtemet” –  HOT

Chasamba 3, As: Cop, Director: Dani Sirkin.
“Atlantika”- Dir Odod Davidof, HOT



Bananas, As: Ruti, Director: Eitan Fox.
Candies, As: Prostituted, Director:Joseph Pitchhadze.
Amos (Word with Gods), As:Amos,Director: Amos Gittay.


Richard III, As: Lady Anne. Director: Arthur Kogen, Playwright: Shakespeare-Cameri Theatre.
Happy End, As: Amalya. Director: Edna Mazia, Playwright:Anat Gov- Cameri Theatre.
Wozzeck, As: Mary. Director: Itay Tiran,Playwright:GeorgBuchner-Cameri Theatre.
The Office,As:Niva.Director: Gil Zirnovich,Playwright: Gil Zirnovich-Beer Sheva Theatre.
Piaf, As:Simon,Director:Eli Bijaoui,Playwright: Pam James-Beer sheva Theatre.
The Comedy of Errors, As: Courtesan. Director: Natan Datner ,Playwright: Shakespeare-Beer Sheva Theatre.
Salome,As: The boy, Director: Yuval Zamir, Playwright: Oscar Wailed-The alley Theatre.
Lonley Wolf, As: Nirit, Director: Avi malka, Playwright: Gorn Agmon-The Orna Porat Theatre.
Caviar and Lentils, As: Valeria. Director: Gili Amity .Playwright: Giulo scaranici varnaldo tarabbozi- The library Theatre.
The Merchant of Venice, As: Portia. Director: Eti Reznik, Playwright– Shakespeare-The library Theatre.
Fantasia, As: Budur Director: Ido Riklin, Playwright: Folklore Story -The library Theatre
Till Oilnshpigel, As: Steven. Director: Mitko Buzakov  ,Playwright: Gregory Gorn.-The Library Theatre
Last Summer At Bluefish Cove, As: Lil Zelinisky Director: Aya Shva,Playwright: Jean scimbres-Beit Zvi
Steel Magnolias, As: Truvy. Director: Yigael Zaks, Playwright:Robert Erling- The Library Theatre
Intrigue and Love, As: Lady Milford. Director: Misha Taplinzky,Playwright: Fredrich Shiler-Beit Zvi
The Madness Of  Esme And Shaz, As: Dr. Morton. Director: Shir Freibach ,Playwright:Sara Daniles-Beit Zvi


Additional Abilities:
Zvi Klir, Excellency award.
The Promising actor award, The Theatre awards.
Edna Flidel, Excellency scholarship.
Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport, Excellency scholarship.
Judith and Moshe Zeiry, Excellency scholarship.
David Toledano, Excellency scholarship.
Ministry of Industry and Trade, Excellency scholarship.
Samuel and Liora Rodensky, Excellency scholarship.
Arik Gotkind, Excellency scholarship.
Eli Leon, Excellency scholars.

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