Amit Moris


2020-2023 graduate of the performing arts school ‘Beit Zvi’


2010 - 'Always the same dream', in the role of little Meir, Hot

2010- 'Yuvel's Club', in the role of Yotam.


2023 – Musical “Blues for the Great Vacation”, Beit Lasin Theater

2023 – Beit Zvi:

“That face” as Henry

“The guys next door” in the role of Lucin

“The melody always comes up” in the role of Uri

2022 – The Library Theater: “Life in the Film” – an evening of salute to Israeli cinema

“One more love story” – a tribute evening to Uzi Hitman

2011-2014 – vocalist in the band ‘Little Angels’, performances in Israel and abroad

2010-2011 – the musical ‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle’, the Chamber Theatre.

2010 – Dancer in the band ‘Katsfers’, drumming on the body

2010 – ‘Home to Home’ at the Beer Sheva Theater

2008-2009 – play ‘Little Eolif’ in the role of Eolif, the stage.

2008 – Musical ‘Oliver Twist’ in the role of Oliver, Beit Lesin.

2007 – Participation in the festival ‘On Time’

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