Akons Moria


2019- Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in theater with high honors from Tel Aviv University

2018-2020 – Acting studies in front of a camera with the teachers – Avi Nesher, Erez Tadmor, Marco Carmel, Moran Marziano, Limor Shemila, Alon Gur Aryeh, Eric Rothstein, Galit Rosenstein

2019 – Private voice development studies with the singer Osnat Harel

2019 – Step studies at the Center for Beginners of the Times under the guidance of dancer Ron Freund

2018 – Producer, actress and singer in the final production at the Venice theater workshop with the actor and Prof. Gad Kiner

2018 – Studies in Italy for a semester on behalf of the Faculty of Theater at the International University Venice VIU

2008-2011 – Solo dancer in representative dance groups of Rishon Lezion – modern, classical ballet, jazz


2022- Destroying Angel – a drama series for ‘Kan’ directed by Oded Davidoff

2021- ‘Gyozo in the Holy City – in the role of Einat. Network sketch directed by Itay Zebulon

2021- The Harira Brothers – in the role of Masha. Network sketch directed by Naor Zion

2021- KARATE KIM – network series in the main role, Kim. Directed by: Tzachi Portnoy

2020- Food Professor – network series pilot for a corporation in a leading role, Shahar. Directed by: Tzachi Portnoy


2019-2021 – Advertisements

Paybox, Discount, Partner, Mekom Leshira, Merck, Durex, Elbit, Mixtiles and more

2018-2019- Actress in the music video “Jerusalem” by the singer Gad Elbez, and in the music video for Channel 24 by the singer Mellabes


2022- This city – a full-length musical feature in the role of Sarah Bennett (acting + singing). Directed by: Amit Ullman and Nadav Giladi

2022- The Righteous Man – a full-length international feature in the role of Noa. Directed by: Sergey Ursuliak

2021- HOME– full-length feature in the role of Ayala. Directed by: Benny Fredman

2021- Good guys – full length feature. Directed by: Erez Tadmor

2019- Puzzle – a full-length ultra-Orthodox feature in the lead role, Tehila. Directed by: Talia Taub

2019- Snake in the Track – a short film with the main role, Nehami. Directed by: Hila Artziel


2021- Illusion of the theater, in the role of Isabel. Directed by Avishai Namirovski under the direction of Doron Tabori

2018- Actress and lead singer in the final production of ‘Apocalypse‘ at VIU Venice with the actor and Prof. Gad Kiner

2015-2018- Actress in theater productions of Tel Aviv University


Hebrew – Native

English – Native


Keren Shavit, Getty Boutique, Fotómetro, Roni Khan, Revo, Solstice Magazine, IT Magazine

Fashion Israel, Shuba Magazine, Shankar

Special skills

Singer, dancer – ballet, modern, jazz, tap, dubbing, writing (page ‘Alma Velma’ @almavellama on Facebook)

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