Azar Liat


Graduate of the “Nissan Nativ Acting Studio” Tel-Aviv
Served as an actor at the IDF military theater


Simaney She’ela | Role: Batya | TV series / Israel Channel 2 Director: Ofir Babayoff
Hamakom | Role: Keren | TV series (1st season) / Israel Channel 10 Director: Avi Cohen
Hamakom | Role: Keren | TV Series (2nd season) / Israel Channel 10 | Director: Itzhak Shauli
Max and Muza | Role: Muza | TV Series / HOT cable TV Kids Channel| Director: Aaron Kaplan


Sister of mine | Role: Ruchi (lead)| Short film
Winner: Best Short Film at the Munich International Festival of film schools 2011
Winner: Best Short Film at the 15th. Annual Religion Today International Festival in Trento, Italy 2012
Official selection: Jerusalem International Film Festival 2011
Official selection: International woman’s Film Festival.Israel 2011
Olamot | Role: Shani| full length feature film Director: Yoav Lustig
A Moment to Takeoff | Role: Dr. Yael Livneh (lead)| Short film Director: Omri Levi
Na’amonet | Role: Na’amonet | Short film (lead)|Director: Amir Fishman


The Miser / Moliere | Role: Elise | The Khan Theater | Director: Michael Gurevitch
Achuzat Weiss | Role: Moria | Tmuna Theater | Director: Dalia Shimko
Masa el Pnim Hacheder | Role: Elka | Tmuna Theater | Director: Wojtek Klem
Heaven (latristen) | Role: Simona | Tmuna Theater | Director: Wojtek Klem
Hateyva / dance-theatre| Role: Anastasya | Director&Choreography: Marina Beltov&Natalie Shilman
Somewhere In Between| Role: Boy-Girl | Director: Issy Mamanov (Performed in English at New-York, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Berlin, Dublin, Riga, Istanbul, Ankara, Utrecht, St. Paul)
Children Shows
Alilot Hanasich Kacha | Role: Yasmin | Orna Porat Theater | Director: Roy Segev
Kshehachalom Mitorer Lechaim | Orna Porat Theater | Director: Hagit Rehavi
Tzvaim Bachol | Role: Dora | Orna Porat Theater | Director: Tzvia Huberman
Ha-adi shel Adi | Role: Adi | Orna Porat Theater | Director: Dedi Baron
Dmaot Shel Arie | Role: Pitzkale | Mofa Theater | Director: Roy Segev
Melech Hahar | Role: Mika | The Nefesh Theater | Director: Howard Rypp
Delet Haksamim | Role: Michal | Milshtein Productions | Director: Erez Shafrir
Cat in Boots | Role: Marzipan Princess | Givatayim Theater | Director: Adi Livyatan
Lady of the Castle | Role: Lena | The Hebrew Theater | Director: Gadi Tzdaka
Flying Babies| Drak&Givatayim Theater | Director: Jacob Kropta
Shalom, Haver | Role: Reut | Ha’amuta Lekidum Hateatron | Director: Gadi Tzdaka


Hebrew – First language
English – Advanced
Russian – Elementary

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